Where to get soft serve ice cream in Atlanta

Sometimes ice cream is all you need to make the day a little better

It’s not truly summer in Atlanta until you’ve raced to lick a dripping swirl of soft serve ice cream before it drips onto your arm. Created in the 1930s, soft serve offers a heavy dose of nostalgia and less milk fat than its scooped cousin. From the gourmet to the quick and cheap, here’s where to go in the metro area:

Big Softie
66 Georgia Avenue Southeast
The brainchild of pastry chef Sarah O’Brien (Little Tart Bakeshop), Big Softie opened its doors in Summerhill just in time for the unbearable summer heat. O’Brien’s soft serve is made with locally sourced cream from Southern Swiss Dairy, resulting in a product that’s rich with an extra-smooth consistency. Big Softie serves a classic chocolate and vanilla, as well as a seasonal flavor (currently matcha) and vegan option. The dips, like the chocolate made with local Xocolatl, and toppings like the oat streusel, pink praline, and Beautiful Briny Sea sprinkles, add a nice layer of texture.

By Lia Picard, Atlanta Magazine
Photo by Lia Picard

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