Established in 1865, Summerhill was one of Atlanta’s first neighborhoods. Freed slaves and Jewish immigrants made up most of the population, and the area became a hub of commerce, worship, and education. By the early 1900s and for the next almost 50 years, Georgia Avenue was central to life in Summerhill. Businesses ranging from grocery stores, markets, butcher shops, an ice cream shop, and even a movie theater operated in the neighborhood. The original Piedmont Hospital was located on Capitol Avenue as well as a branch of the Carnegie Library.

In 1996, the community was host to the Summer Olympic Games, but soon after the event ended, residents did not benefit from any real lasting improvements. The Atlanta Braves called Turner Field in Summerhill home for the next 20 years but announced their relocation to Cobb County in 2013.

Following the team’s announcement, Carter and Georgia State University purchased the property surrounding Turner Field with the vision to thoughtfully redevelop the area once again into a hub for commerce, education, innovation, and community.

Through all the changes, the Summerhill community has remained resilient and dedicated to making the neighborhood a place of which to be proud and where everyone is welcome.

Learn about how partnership with our neighbors in Summerhill has been at the heart of Carter’s development process.

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