To-go cocktails add new dimension to Atlanta dining, drinking scene

Allowing customers to take cocktails to go previously was a temporary pandemic measure in some cities, aimed at helping bars and restaurants stay afloat. Now, it has become an established part of the business model in Georgia, thanks to a new law that took effect May 5, when signed by Gov. Brian Kemp.

“Alcohol is one of the highest margin items on a menu, so providing enhanced occasions to sell cocktails, as part of a to-go order, can have a material impact on business,” said Taylor Katzman, CEO of Provi, an e-commerce marketplace for the beverage industry.

Restaurants with valid permits first must check with the local government, as municipalities can opt out of the statewide law. The to-go cocktails must be mixed drinks (no shots), with no more than 3 ounces of distilled spirits, and must be sold with an accompanying food order (no more than two drinks per entree ordered). Delivery is prohibited. Drinks must be labeled, identifying the licensee, and in sealed packages.

Summerhill’s Little Bear serves to-go orders of cocktails, like the El Presidente (a refreshing pink mix of rum, mint vermouth, satsuma triple sec and strawberry-mint bitters) in whimsical packaging shaped like bears.


By Angela Hansberger / For the AJC; Photo courtesy of Little Bear

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