Summerhill creates coloring book, neighborhood bingo to bridge the distance

In Atlanta’s Summerhill neighborhood, the development along Georgia Avenue is offering ways for people to experience the community from the comfort of their own homes.

On social media, Summerhill shared a neighborhood coloring book featuring the Olympic torch and storefronts of businesses like Big Softie and Wood’s Chapel BBQ. The pages are available to download for free on the Summerhill development’s website. Then, participants are encouraged to share their masterpieces on social media.

There’s also a neighborhood bingo game featuring both things specific to Summerhill businesses like “enjoyed a dinner form Little Bear,” and general signs of the times like “tried cutting your hair” or “sweatpants are your new wardrobe staple.”

And, like most small businesses across the city, the restaurants along Georgia Avenue are offering creative ways to keep customers engaged. Places like Little Bear are offering to-go orders, while Little Tart Bakery is selling tickets to future baking classes.


By Courtney Kueppers, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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