Finest Economic Restoration of a Neighborhood’s Former Glory

ATLANTA, GA – Upon reviewing numerous projects across the country for’s 2019 ADAPT awards, we have chosen to select Georgia Avenue in Atlanta, GA as the best economic restoration of a neighborhood’s former glory. The project was honored at our awards ceremony earlier this week in Baltimore.

Located in one of Atlanta’s most historic neighborhoods, Summerhill has long awaited a transformation that would breathe energy, community and commerce back into Georgia Avenue. An abandoned commercial district in the shadow of the former Turner Field, Georgia Avenue was once home to bustling local businesses.

Following the departure of the Atlanta Braves from Turner Field in 2016, Atlanta-based developer Carter, in partnership with Oakwood Development and Healey Weatherholtz Properties, saw an opportunity to redevelop Georgia Avenue as part of its larger Summerhill mixed-use project, restoring its former glory and welcoming a new generation of business owners to the neighborhood.

Upon completion, Georgia Avenue will offer 57,000 square feet of renovated retail space and 16,800 square feet of new-build retail space. Approximately 37,000 square feet of retail space has already been restored and will be home to Halfway Crooks Brewing, Hodgepodge Coffeehouse, Wood’s Chapel BBQ, Little Tart Bakeshop, Big Softie Ice Cream, Junior’s Pizza, Little Bear, Hero Doughnuts, Hot Dog Pete’s and Redacted, an underground, conspiracy-themed speakeasy. The grand opening of Little Tart Bakeshop in January of this year even resulted in all pastries being sold within a few hours.

Five years in the making, the project has been a collaborative effort between the developers and the community. By regularly attending neighborhood meetings and listening to Summerhill’s legacy residents, Carter has made it a priority to respond to the community’s wants and needs, preserving the structural integrity of these historical buildings and respecting the history and character of Georgia Avenue’s commercial corridor. The rebirth of Georgia Avenue has created a lively, walkable row of storefronts that will bring people from all corners of the city together to enjoy the unique character and soul of Atlanta’s Southside.

Written by Ingrid Tunberg,

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