First Look: Find smoked meat and more at Wood’s Chapel BBQ in Summerhill

Chef Todd Ginsberg, Jennifer and Ben Johnson, and Shelley Sweet are the partners behind some of Atlanta’s most popular restaurants, including the General Muir, Fred’s Meat and Bread, Yalla, and the Canteen, and the bakery TGM Bread.

Located in the burgeoning Carter redevelopment on Georgia Avenue in Atlanta’s historic Summerhill neighborhood, Wood’s Chapel was named for one of the first churches established in the community after the Civil War.

A 1930s-era brick building houses the 5,000-plus-square-foot restaurant, which includes the main kitchen, a cinder-block order counter and bar, a spacious dining room with communal tables, and a private dining room and game room.

Outside, there’s a sprawling patio with umbrella-topped picnic tables and Adirondack chairs. Nearby, the free-standing smokehouse boasts an array of wood-fired smokers, including an Oyler Pit and a custom offset, plus a vented burn barrel, all fed from stacks of white oak logs.
The multiregional barbecue menu features North Carolina-style Riverview Farms whole hog pork, Texas-style CAB prime beef brisket, St. Louis-style pork ribs, smoked turkey breast and hot smoked salmon.

Read the full article in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.


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