First Look at Wood’s Chapel BBQ

With outdoor picnic tables, family games and a friendly, local vibe tucked away from downtown on Georgia Avenue, Wood’s Chapel BBQ is a quaint neighborhood hangout that hopes to be more than just a restaurant.

Shelley Sweet, co-owner of Wood’s Chapel alongside chef Todd Ginsberg, and Jennifer and Ben Johnson, said while sustaining the barbecue concept through good food and service is important, the team cares deeply about being a part of the Summerhill community and wants Wood’s Chapel to be a common hangout spot for residents.

“More than anything, we are just focused on doing an excellent job with the food and the hospitality,” Sweet said. “We’re trying to do that not only for our business, but for the community. We really want to share this with the community, and we want to be a part of their daily lives. I think that’s what a restaurant is really about – it’s a place to eat together. Food is one thing that brings all walks of life together.”

Wood’s Chapel BBQ — the highly anticipated joint from the team behind The General Muir, Fred’s Meat & Bread, Yalla and Midtown’s micro food hall The Canteen – opened for its first day of business June 19 in what was once an abandoned commercial district in the shadow of the former Turner Field.

Full article and slide show in The Atlanta Business Chronicle

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