‘Peek Behind the Curtain’ at Atlanta’s Restaurants With This Chef’s New Podcast

Atlanta chef Jarrett Stieber is having quite a year. He opens his first restaurant called Little Bear on Georgia Avenue in Summerhill by the end of the year, shut down his longtime pop-up Eat Me Speak Me at Decatur’s S.O.S Tiki Bar in April, and now hosts a weekly restaurant insider podcast entitled Ticket Stabbers. The title refers to the metal receipt spike used to hold completed ticket orders in restaurant kitchens.

So, why should the average diner or food-obsessed person care about tuning into Ticket Stabbers? According to Stieber, each episode is meant to be a “peek behind the curtain” into the world of Atlanta restaurants where he talks shop with chefs, bartenders, general managers, and servers. Topics range from the state of Atlanta’s dining scene as seen through the eyes of its restaurant workers to wage gap issues and the lack of healthcare in the restaurant industry.

Stieber’s first episode, recorded in April, features beverage maven Mercedes O’Brien (Cold Beer, Gunshow) and former Staplehouse sommelier Melissa Davis of the forthcoming Hazel Jane’s Wine Bar. The pair speak frankly with Stieber about the gender discrepancies women experience in restaurants, being a women in power at a restaurant, and dealing with unruly and drunk guests.

Ticket Stabbers falls under the programming umbrella of the Atlanta Foodcast, run by podcast host Ben Getz. Stieber plans to record each late night, post-shift episode every weekend, allowing his fellow restaurant workers to candidly commiserate with each other and for Atlanta’s diners to “get to know” people who work at restaurants and bars around town.

Written by Beth McKibben, Eater Atlanta

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