Cool Down This Summer With Soft Serve Ice Cream

Where to find soft serve ice cream and frozen custard around ATL.

Few foods conjure more memories of childhood and summer than soft serve ice cream. The two seem to go hand-in-hand. Here are a few places around Atlanta to grab a soft serve cone or even frozen custard dipped in chocolate or covered in sprinkles, peanuts, or pralines beyond Dairy Queen.

11. Big Softie
66 Georgia Ave SE
Atlanta, GA 30312

Summerhill’s newest restaurant resident is a soft serve ice cream shop called Big Softie from Sarah O’Brien — owner of Little Tart Bakeshop. The parlor’s menu includes five core flavors: vanilla, chocolate, coffee, a seasonal flavor like peach using Pearson Farm peaches, and a vegan soft serve. Waffle cones are created from scratch at Little Tart. Make sure to add toppings to that cone like chocolate dip made from Nicaraguan dark chocolate, strawberry dip, custom sprinkles created by Atlanta’s Beautiful Briny Sea Salt, honeycomb, house made cocoa nib bark, pink pralines, and O’Brien’s favorite, a peanut crunch coat. Check Big Softie’s Instagram for daily hours as the shop continues to ramp up service along Georgia Avenue.

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