Carter Projects Win Four Atlanta Urban Design Commission Design Awards

The Atlanta Urban Design Commission awarded Carter projects with four awards at the 42nd Annual Design Awards Ceremony held at Zoo Atlanta on Wednesday, May 15, 2019.

The City of Atlanta is always striving to improve its buildings, places, and neighborhoods. One way to do that is to recognize the projects, programs, and people who are making that happen. The Design Awards are an opportunity for the public to nominate a project, place, program or person that is making Atlanta a better place to live, work or play.

Within the Atlanta Urban Design Commission’s annual Design Awards, there are two types of awards that the public can submit nominations for: the Awards of Excellence and the Community Design Awards.

The Awards of Excellence are physical projects, programs, and sometimes people located in the city of Atlanta that have improved the city’s physical character. There are several submission categories for the Awards of Excellence.

The Community Design Awards are projects, programs, or people who have worked to make the city or a neighborhood a better place to live. While there are no specific categories to submit for, there are ideas for nominations listed in the program booklet. From the nominations submitted to the Office of Design, the Neighborhood Planning Units (NPUs) vote to determine the winner of their Community Design Award.

Carter was honored to be awarded the Community Design Award by NPU V for the Redevelopment on Georgia Avenue along with Kronberg Wall.

Carter projects also won three of the nine Awards of Excellence for the Redevelopment on Georgia Avenue Redevelopment (Contextual Infill), 715 Peachtree (Adaptive Use, in partnership with ASD | SKY), and for the Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard Mural at MET (Public Works of Art).

Accepting the award on Carter’s behalf were Jack Murphy (Georgia Avenue), Scott Stringer (715 Peachtree), Jack Dellecker (715 Peachtree), and Adam Parker (Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard Mural at MET).

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