A new Summerhill arcade bar and restaurant promises to be the stuff of gamers’ dreams

When you approach a vintage arcade machine, you’re typically greeted with one of two phrases: “insert coin” or “press start.” That’s why Char Korean Bar & Grill owner Richard Tang decided to christen his newest project as the latter, letting diners know right away that the restaurant, arcade, and bar will be a place to have fun.

“People want to be entertained, dined, and wined, all in the same place,” Tang says.

Press Start, slated to open next year, will combine the nostalgic appeal of 1980s and ‘90s arcades with the modern demand for craft cocktails and artfully fashioned small plates. Tang has secured a 4,500-square-foot space (including a patio) in Summerhill. The menu will be designed by Char executive chef Mike Yang, and Tang is working on the beverage list. “Handhelds” and Asian small plates will be available at the bar. Expect about 10 craft cocktails, wines by the glass and bottle, and beer on tap.


By Carly Cooper, Atlanta Magazine

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