The notable metro Atlanta restaurant openings of 2019

All the restaurants that opened on Georgia Avenue in 2019 are included on the list:


Little Tart Bakery, Summerhill


Wood’s Chapel BBQ, Summerhill
Located in the burgeoning Carter redevelopment on Georgia Avenue in Atlanta’s historic Summerhill neighborhood, Wood’s Chapel was named for one of the first churches established in the community after the Civil War and comes from partners Todd Ginsberg, Jennifer and Ben Johnson, and Shelley Sweet. Read our review here.
85 Georgia Ave. SE, Atlanta.

Big Softie, Summerhill


Halfway Crooks Brewing, Summerhill
The co-founders, homebrewer Shawn Bainbridge and professional brewer Joran Van Ginderachter, took the name from a Mobb Deep lyric. And the duo’s “own premise” Summerhill brewery with co-owner Tim Kilic promises to shake things up a bit by showing there are (quoting Mobb Deep, again) “numerous ways you can choose to earn funds.” Read more here.
60 Georgia Ave. SE, Atlanta.

Junior’s Pizza, Summerhill
Originally a pop-up turned delivery business from husband-and-wife owners Alex and Jennifer Aton, the counter service New York-style pizza concept is focused on thin-crust pies “using high-quality ingredients and unique recipes.” Read more here.
77 Georgia Ave., Atlanta.


By Yvonne Zusel, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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